How we help contact center operations

How We Help

Government and Transportation Contact Center Services

Federal, state and local governments and municipalities face a growing challenge to communicate with citizens and visitors while dealing with increasingly constrained budgets. An on demand voice recognition service enables cost effective constituent care by:

  • Reduced Hold Time: Immediate response vs. hold for increasingly scarce agents
  • Proactive Outreach: Automate outbound calling for payment reminders
  • Minimal Upfront Investment: Avoid expensive hardware
  • Future Proof Investment: Remove the possibility of “budget busting” hardware upgrades
  • Rapid Deployment: Software as a Service

VoltDelta voice recognition can be used to automate a wide range of government services with dialogs that replace basic “yes or no” constraints with engaging voice dialogs. Transactions can also be cost effectively automated with PCI (Payment Card Industry) secure confidence. Application examples include:

  • Automate payments for programs, fines and taxes
  • Provide date, time and other detail for scheduled events
  • Direct callers to appropriate agencies based on a voice description
  • Delivers requirements for permits and zoning
  • Interactively engage “hands free” motorists with 511 traffic and routing information

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