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How We Help: Contact Center Technology Overview

Keeping customers happy, prospects coming back for more and encouraging loyalty are the common goals across the board. Budget constraints and legacy system inertia make these customer care efforts even more daunting. That’s where cloud-based contact center technology steps up with cost savings value, deployment flexibility, and performance for expected or unexpected call volume.

Following are challenges that your organization might face.

Challenges by Role

  • Customer Experience/Loyalty Evangelist must be confident of peak hour uptime, best agent routing and “instant answer” IVR with dialog intelligence.
  • Contact Center Management must be able to manage agents as a central resource with real-time queue management and call+agent screen recording for training and proof of customer or agent success.
  • CMOs must capture “voice of the customer” evidence, promote the brand, and link contact center metrics with campaigns.
  • Finance must manage IT capital expenditures versus operating expenses, reduce costs, and build operational efficiencies.
  • CIOs and IT Management must maintain or upgrade legacy contact center systems on a tight budget.
  • Sales must proactively reach prospects, satisfy customers, and work with contact center solutions that deliver a competitive advantage.

Challenges by Need

Challenges by Industry

  • Contact Center Outsourcer Providers require contact center technology that delivers a competitive advantage cost effectively for distributed agents, subscriber loyalty, and product/service upsell.
  • Prepaid Card Providers need to respond to a customer's request efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Financial Services need to securely support multi-channel customer care with call spike reliability and infrastructure + labor efficiencies.
  • Government & Transportation need efficient and cost effective deployment of innovative eparking solutions, N11 services, and automated constituent telephony services.
  • Healthcare Providers need to cost effectively support patients and subscribers with proactive outreach and effective automated and agent response with multichannel support.
  • Telecommunications need to reduce churn, encourage loyalty and handle inbound call volumes with unpredictable spikes in traffic.
  • Telematic Service Providers need to deliver concierge services and voice self-service with unique name and street recognition accuracy for businesses, residences, and Points of Interest (POIs) to motorists.

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